Xoin is a digital asset technology company based in London, UK. I worked with Xoin to design a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange for the iOS platform. The project is still in development, head over to their marketing site to get a sneak peek.


  • Wireframing
  • User Interface (iOS, watchOS)
  • Micro Interactions


  • 12 Weeks Contract
    (48 hours per week)

Problem: The main challenge when designing a cryptocurrency exchange platform is to appeal to a wide range of users, from those who are less experienced with the technology to those who want access to complex trading functionality. Xoin approached me to design a platform that would be friendly to users who are less familiar with cryptocurrency.

Summary: We had a tight timeline for the project considering its size and complexity. We went from having no concept to a complete one within 12 weeks. I was responsible for end-to-end product design while another UX designer was responsible for stakeholder interviews and user research. We worked closely with a team of UI designers to build a UI system while we were iterating on wireframes.

Discovery: We conducted discovery sessions with key stakeholders, and from research provided by Xoin, we learned about our target user groups, the company’s goals for the project and other competitors in the space.



  • Little to no experience trading crypto assets.
  • Might not be familiar with trading in any context, may need heavy-handed assistance
  • Risk-averse – they’re unfamiliar with the technology and want to avoid making a mistake and losing lots of money.


  • Risk-averse – they’re unfamiliar with the technology and want to avoid making a mistake and losing lots of money.
  • Need some complex trading features (complex order types, etc.)


  • Some trading experience with crypto assets.
  • Want to use trading functionality to exchange cryptocurrencies between private wallets.


  • Need assurance that assets are secure on the platform.
  • Full transparency around the fees.


User Interface

Sign In / Sign Up / Forgot Password with error states

Portfolio Management



Complexity isn’t so complex when it’s broken down into component parts. I have taken a similar lesson while I was working on Airtime 3.0 project.

Xoin project was intimidating at the beginning, but big things are made up of little things. I discovered that complex systems can be built by regular people with enough time, effort, collaboration, and domain knowledge.

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