One Song Stand

Rejected Concept, 2015

Struggling to connect with single men ages 20-35, Lynx aimed to combine the voltage of the brand with a new, progressive line of male grooming products that focus on modern ideas of attraction and speak to the modern man.

Music and nightlife are vital to the target audience, and studies show men are more attracted to women who share similar tastes in music. In Turkey, music is often used as an icebreaker, something to start conversations. In addition, many people in Turkey use dating apps on mobile phones, and sites. However, most of these apps relied only on pictures or superficial information. Lynx looked for an opportunity to unite dating and the power of music to create a more sophisticated mating game. The result was the One Song Stand campaign.

The tagline was “Listen – Match – Mate!” The idea was that a user would log in to with his Spotify account, listen to a song and then connect with someone listening to the same song at the same time.



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